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Protecting incomes and providing long term financial stability,  voluntary benefits are being offered via the employer, with a smart payroll deduction offering all the peace of mind regarding employee livelihoods and lives. Employees continue to rely on the Paramount team way after the initial enrollment period. Services include benefit access, filing claims, and insurance company communication. As a full service Voluntary Benefits Enrollment Firm, we know that all it really takes is a life altering moment. It’s why we help companies reinforce healthier communities for the benefit of every member of the team.

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The entire mindset at Paramount revolves around simple. Perhaps because every hard working American really relies on something so important, yet relatively simple: quality of life. We know that our country’s working class tries so hard to make a living and even the slightest gap in coverage can topple their financial stability. With a singular mission to help employees across the country maintain the most imperative things they work so hard to create, Paramount remains the trusted source for voluntary enrollment services. Our enrollment officers are multilingual, resourceful and have families just like yours.