Some of our voluntary coverage solutions include:

Beyond the voluntary insurance and other services we provide, there’s the essence of integrity that’s part of our innovative approach to employee enrollment. Cancer and critical illness are real. Accidents happen. Families grow. Our services are offered via employers and maintained via a minimal payroll deduction plan that fits employees’ incomes and accommodates employees’ needs.

Critical Illness Insurance

Coverage after diagnosis. One of the most profound fears is fear of the unknown. People often worry about a cancer diagnosis or stroke emergency. Worrying isn’t enough. Find out if you’re covered for critical illness instances, because not all signs pointing to disease are preventable. While we can’t help with illness prevention, we can help with financial protection in the event that you are diagnosed.

dental insurance, Services
dental insurance, Services

Disability Insurance

Income when you can’t work. If you work to support yourself or your family, you need to know there’s a safety net out there if you suddenly become injured or ill. With a disability policy, a portion of your income is provided to you on a tax-free basis, with timeframes based on the plan you choose. Disability coverage fills in for pay during maternity leave. It’s peace of mind when tragedy strikes and financial security when you give birth.

dental insurance, Services

Dental Insurance

For individual or family plans. Vision and dental insurance are not standard coverage inclusions to a plan. Cost-effective dental packages are offered via a huge network of participating dentists and oral surgeons. Varying vision packages range from standard to comprehensive and may be available to an employee, spouse, and children listed in the plan.

Long Term Care Insurance

Extended care for seniors and disabled persons. Long-term care insurance may be provided for care at an assisted living facility, adult day care facility, alzheimer’s center, or in-home care. These services are not covered by traditional health insurance and can provide quality of life in the desired facility or home environment.

dental insurance, Services