Real life 
rarely sticks 
to a script.

At Paramount  Enrollment 
Solutions, we do.

20+ Years of experience in the insurance industry is a value Paramount Enrollment Solutions brings to their partners. Throughout our experience, we have supplied our clients with the services they have requested, such as: Benefit Enrollments and Education, New Acquisition Assistance, Voluntary Benefit Solutions and much more. With over 150+ Clients, and over 1 million dollars paid out in benefit claims, Paramount Enrollment Solutions is here to help you succeed, even though the most difficult times!

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A Voluntary Insurance Company

Paramount was founded on the premise of being the primary resource for completely custom and specialized voluntary benefits through our voluntary insurance policy that combines effective education with a well-established series of enrollment services. We advise employers and protect employees with sensible services for a wide gamut of personal coverage.

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voluntary insurance, Home

A Paramount

The entire team at Paramount shares a common belief that has been formulated based on expertise and value. While standard coverage is important, innovative add ons are paramount. Our voluntary insurance policy involves employee benefits and communication that is needed to be as effective, targeted and widespread as the surprises that may catch you off guard.

Voluntary Employee Benefits are a way for employers to offer employees exceptional opportunity in terms of coverage stability, while saving money in a very organic way. Some of our custom solutions may include access for employees and employers to valuable tax credits and voluntary benefits, where top notch benefits solutions become available at a minimal wage reduction that insures against every possible loss.

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Experience is key to success

We already made the mistakes so you don’t need to. Let Paramount Enrollment Solutions be your guide through all your enrollment/benefit needs